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Training, Forensics, Capital Project Support (Owner or Insurers Advocate), Keynote Speaker, Flammable Gas Hazards Risk Management Solutions. Procedure Writing, Flammable Gas Piping & Combustion Equipment Safety Audits, Code Review, Purging Plan Support.

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Supporting the worlds largest organizations and worst industrial disasters for almost than 40 years. Mr. Puskar has helped to support global enterprise development and implementation of sustainable programs  in the aftermath of disasters that have changed safety culture.

About Us

Mr. Puskar is a licensed engineer, member of numerous national technical code committees, has published more than 50 conference papers, and has published a book on fuels and combustion systems safety that is now being translated into Chinese.


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Services to MInimize Fire & Explosion Risks

Training - Knowledge, Skills, & Validation

Mr. Puskar has trained thousands in over a dozen countries over the past 30 years. Mr. Puskar has standard curriculum that can be tailored to meet your organizations needs. DOWNLOAD THE PTS STANDARD COURSE OFFERINGS BELOW.

Piping & Equipment Safety Audits

Mr. Puskar was the first to standardize codes and best practices into comprehensive checklists and apply them to hundreds of facilities on a systematic basis. These checklists systems have been applied to audit more than 50,000 pieces of equipment all over the world. 

Forensic Consulting

Mr. Puskar has supported litigation for natural gas, boiler and oven explosions, Carbon Monoxide deaths, gas release explosions, pressure vessel steam explosions and more. MR. PUSKAR  CAN PROVIDE A SCHEDULED "NO FEE" INITIAL CONSULT TO LEGAL TEAMS.

Capital Project Support

Mr. Puskar supports owners and insurers for capital projects where expertise is lacking or staff is over assigned. These services can include verifying construction progress, conformance with design documents, participating in HAZOP sessions, and or supporting commissioning and procedure writing.

Keynote Speaker

Mr. Puskar has interesting and meaningful messages that shape hearts and minds and change cultures. One example is:

What it's like immediately after a tragedy, and how to recover:

How do you pick up the pieces immediately after a tragedy? What are the sites and sounds after a horrible explosion and fire, what are the feelings of the staff?, How do you get back on track? How do you change the culture moving forward?

Purging plans, operating and maintenance procedures.

Mr. Puskar can provide procedure development services for operating and maintaining new or existing equipment to include: start-up shut down, lock-out tag-out, emergency, and abnormal operations. 

Mr Puskar has extensive experience with  purging and flammable gas handling. He has developed corporate gas hazards safety programs including detailed purge plans for NFPA 56 compliance.

Example solutions to client needs

Major Gas/Electric Utility Fuels and Combustion Equipment Audit Program

Mr. Puskar helped to develop a corporate-wide combustion equipment safety device inspection and testing program for more than 300 pieces of equipment that support this major electric and gas utility in the US. This top 5 utility has engaged Mr. Puskar for ongoing training and program expansion over the past several years.

Boiler Burner Retrofit-Design, Equipment Selection, Commisioning

Mr. Puskar recently supported the retrofit of a 60 year old multiple burner boiler, (900 psig/850F), 300,000 pph. This included scoping fuels trains, specialty valves, and control systems. The support included managing stakeholder meetings and providing site support over the course of about 12 months and then participating in commissioning.

Major Paper Mill Safety Training

Mr. Puskar has served a major paper mill for a number of years providing annual training focused on fuels, combustion, and steam systems safety. In January of 2018 Mr. Puskar provided an intense session discussing 25 top hazards in the facility and delivered it to every employee in the plant over a week as part of their OSHA Training days (over 400 persons).

Supporting Litigation for Major Cases Involving Fatailities

Mr. Puskar recently supported a major insurer on a boiler explosion case that resulted in a dismissal. Mr. Puskar is currently consulting for a plaintiff's attorney on a large multiple fatality nationally televised and known case.

New Billion Dollar Pipe Mill Code Review

A global German manufacturers new billion dollar pipe mill in the US had Italian furnaces and ovens. The client needed to understand for insurers and others the level of compliance with applicable US codes.

Post Incident-Primary Metals Producer Corporate Gas Hazards Program

Mr. Puskar developed a gas hazards safety program for a major primary metals producer after a major incident. This program is still in place 10 years later and this client has not experienced any additional incidents. 


About John R. Puskar, P.E.

John's Book

Mr. Puskar's book is now being translated into Chinese by the publisher. It contains over 30 years of knowledge and 50 "Real Life" stories about fuels and combustion systems incidents.

About John's Life & Career

Mr. Puskar's life and career is chronicled in this short 4:44 second video produced for his 2015 ASME National Safety Lifetime Achievements Presentation in Boston.

Standards & Codes Work

Mr. Puskar has served or currently serves on 7 different National Safety Code Committees regarding industrial fuels and combustion equipment including boilers & flammable gas piping.  Currently on: NFPA 54, 56, 85, 820, API 54, Previously on: NFPA 86, ASME CSD-1. NFPA codes can be viewed at no cost from the link below.

Recent Papers & Insights

Mr. Puskar is a frequent author and submitter of technical articles to journals.  Some of his more recent work is available below and from his linkedin site.

John's Changing the World

Mr. Puskar was invited to attend and present a paper at the 6th Annual American Institute of Chemical Engineers Process Safety Conference in Qingdao, China the week of September 22nd, 2018. The link below gets you to his summary of the conference.

Awards & Credentials - CV

Mr. Puskar is a licensed mechanical engineer in a number of states, MBA, and holds 6 contractor licenses. He received the 2015 Uzgiris Barnett Award from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. He has also been involved in a number of significant post disaster forensic cases. Mr. Puskar's CV is available upon request.

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